Cornell University Undergraduate Scholarship For International Students 2023, USA

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Cornell University is offering a scholarship for the 2023-2024 academic year specifically designed to support international undergraduate students who demonstrate financial need.

This scholarship is a great opportunity for international students who may face additional financial challenges when pursuing higher education in the United States. By offering financial aid to those who demonstrate a genuine need for support, Cornell University is helping to ensure that talented students from all over the world have the chance to pursue their academic goals.

Founded in 1865, Cornell University has a long and prestigious history. Its original mission was to create a learning institution where any student could find the courses they wanted to study. This remains a core value of the university today, with a diverse range of academic programs available across its many schools and departments.

Despite being a private Ivy League institution, Cornell University has also embraced a public mission. It collaborates closely with the State University of New York, seeking to make higher education more accessible and affordable to students across the state and beyond. By offering scholarships to international students, Cornell University is also contributing to this important goal on a global scale.


The Cornell University Scholarship is available for international undergraduate students who wish to pursue their studies in the United States. This scholarship is specifically designed to support students who are seeking to enroll in a four-year Bachelor’s degree program at Cornell University, located in the vibrant state of New York.

Courses Offered:

Students who choose to study at Cornell University can select from a wide variety of academic programs.

Schools and Departments:

  1. Architecture, Art, and Planning
  2. Agriculture and Life Sciences
  3. Arts and Sciences
  4. College of Business
    • Hotel Administration
    • Applied Economics and Management
  5. Engineering
  6. Human Ecology
  7. Industrial and Labor Relations


Cornell University offers gift aid called Cornell Grants to eligible undergraduates without repayment requirements. The grant’s amount is based on the student’s family’s financial needs.

Federal Work-Study opportunities allow eligible students to work part-time and earn money for their educational expenses. The weekly work hours are usually 9-12 hours.

Cornell University also provides financial aid through loans, which require repayment with interest after graduation or half-time enrollment.

The remaining balance of the total annual cost is calculated after considering Cornell grants, loans, and work-study opportunities, which include parent and student contributions.

Cornell University strives to make higher education accessible and affordable for students with financial needs by combining gift aid, work-study opportunities, and loans.

Eligibility Criteria:

Language Requirement: English Proficiency Country Eligibility: Open to All Countries Test Requirement: SAT or ACT for All Applicants Financial Need: Proven by CSS Profile Submission English Proficiency Test: TOEFL IBT (minimum score 100) or IELTS (minimum score 7)

Additional Requirements Based on Major:

Arts, Sciences, and Engineering: Two SAT Subject Tests (including Math for Engineering) Other Majors: No SAT Subject Test Required

Academic Records: Minimum of Three Years of Official Transcripts and Certificates Translation: All Records Must Be Translated into English.

How to Apply:

As an international student looking to secure financial aid to attend Cornell University, it’s important to follow the steps outlined below:

Firstly, carefully read through the instructions and guidelines to fully comprehend the requirements and deadlines before starting the application process.

Next, sign up for a Common Application account and complete the application form with all the necessary documents and information.

Using the “My Colleges” tab, search for Cornell University and add it to your college list.

Once you have added Cornell to your college list, provide answers to the application questions on the Common App tab, which cover details such as personal profile, family background, education, tests taken, and extracurricular activities.

Then, write a personal statement of no more than 650 words to showcase your personality, accomplishments, and interests.

Be sure to use the application checklist to ensure you have completed all the mandatory sections and uploaded the required documents.

You will also need to pay the Cornell University application fee of $80, but eligible applicants may request a fee waiver.

Finally, refer to Cornell University’s financial aid FAQ page for international students to find answers to additional questions about the financial aid process.

By following these steps and adhering to the guidelines, you can effectively apply for financial aid as an international student to study at Cornell University.

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