Fully Funded Mastercard Foundation Scholarships at University of Cape Town 2023/2024

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The University of Cape Town, in partnership with The Mastercard Foundation through its Global Scholars’ Program, is offering a unique opportunity for prospective students to apply for prestigious scholarships. These scholarships are aimed at supporting academically exceptional young Africans who wish to pursue a postgraduate Masters degree in any field of study.

The Global Scholars’ Program will extend its support to selected students throughout their academic journey at UCT. Beneficiaries of the scholarship will not only receive financial assistance but will also be provided with invaluable resources to ensure their success. This comprehensive support package includes mentoring, leadership development, and guidance in academic and life skills.

To enhance academic performance, students will have access to tutoring services, language training, and writing circles. Moreover, they will receive personalized counseling to help them navigate their academic and personal challenges effectively.

In summary, the University of Cape Town and The Mastercard Foundation’s collaboration aims to empower talented African students by offering them these scholarships and a robust support system to help them excel in their chosen postgraduate studies at UCT.

Scholarship Summary:

  • Scholarship Sponsor(s): Mastercard Foundation & University of Cape Town
  • Host Institution(s): University of Cape Town, South Africa
  • Scholarship Worth: Fully-funded
  • Number of Awards: Several
  • Study Level: Masters
  • Nationality: Domestic & International Students

Scholarship Details.

The scholarships will be awarded to eligible students based on their academic excellence, financial need, and leadership potential. These scholarships are intended for students who plan to begin their first year of full-time postgraduate study and will be enrolling at the University of Cape Town in 2024.

Applicants who have already completed a Masters qualification and graduated will not be considered for these scholarships. One of the main objectives of the Program is to encourage successful recipients of the scholarship to return to their home countries after completing their studies. This return is seen as an opportunity for them to contribute their acquired skills and education towards the social and economic development of their respective nations.

Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify for the Mastercard Foundation Scholarships for Postgraduate study, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Citizenship: Applicants must be citizens of an African country.
  2. Admission and Faculty: Applicants should have gained admission to a postgraduate Masters study program in the faculties of Engineering and the Built Environment, Commerce, Health Sciences, Humanities, Law, or Sciences at the University of Cape Town (UCT) and be preparing to commence their first year of registration.
  3. Financial Need and Leadership Potential: Applicants should come from economically disadvantaged backgrounds, demonstrate financial need, and show leadership potential.
  4. Ineligibility for Second Masters Degree: Applicants intending to register for a second postgraduate Masters degree at the same level are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  5. Ineligibility after Previous Masters Degree: Applicants who have previously registered for a Masters postgraduate degree at any other higher learning institution are not eligible to apply for this scholarship.
  6. Application to UCT: Only those who have applied to the relevant academic department at UCT are eligible to apply for The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at the University of Cape Town awards.
  7. Academic Referees: The academic referees’ comments on the applicant’s academic abilities will be considered as part of the academic criteria for this scholarship.
  8. Original Academic Transcripts: Successful applicants must present their original academic transcripts upon arrival and registration at UCT.
  9. Translated Copies: Applicants with academic transcripts in languages other than English must provide translated copies of all documents.

These conditions outline the eligibility requirements and application process for prospective candidates interested in the Mastercard Foundation Scholarships for postgraduate study at the University of Cape Town.

Scholarship Benefits:

Successful recipients of the Mastercard Foundation Scholarships for Postgraduate study will be entitled to the following benefits:

  1. Visa Application Reimbursement: The scholarship will cover the costs incurred for processing the visa application.
  2. Economy Class Air Ticket: Awardees will receive an economy class air ticket to travel to Cape Town, South Africa.
  3. Full Tuition and International Student Fees: The scholarship will cover the entire cost of tuition fees and international student fees.
  4. Accommodation: Students will be provided with accommodation in a student residence managed by the UCT Student Housing Admissions and Advocacy Services at UCT.
  5. Meals: Awardees will have access to meals through the student housing system at UCT.
  6. Medical Cover: The scholarship includes medical cover with a recommended medical aid service provider.
  7. Living Stipend: A living stipend will be provided to cover miscellaneous expenses related to the awardees’ studies.
  8. Book Allowance: A designated book allowance will be granted to purchase the prescribed textbooks required for the degree program.
  9. Community Activity Costs: Costs associated with community activities, as prescribed by The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at the University of Cape Town, will be covered.
  10. Internship Opportunities and Career Support: Awardees will have access to internship opportunities, career development, and job placement assistance.
  11. Return Air Ticket: Upon completion of studies, awardees who are citizens of and/or residents of an African country other than South Africa, or those residing in South Africa but outside of Cape Town, will receive an economy class air ticket to return home.

These benefits aim to provide comprehensive support to successful applicants, ensuring they can focus on their academic pursuits and personal growth during their postgraduate studies at the University of Cape Town.

How to Apply:

Application Process: To apply for The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program, applicants must follow these steps:

  1. Apply to the University of Cape Town (UCT) for academic study and placement. Only those who have applied for academic study and placement to UCT are eligible to submit a Mastercard Foundation scholarship application.
  2. Gather the following required supporting documents and attach/upload them to the POSTGRADUATE scholarship application form on the online application portal:
    • Certified copy of Identity Document, Passport, or Refugee Papers.
    • Applicant’s Curriculum Vitae (CV) consisting of no more than two (2) A4 pages, highlighting:
      • Participation in Extra-Curricular Activities.
      • Skills and Interests.
    • Certified copies of all Secondary education transcripts.
    • Certified copies of all current and previous Tertiary education transcripts.
    • Two (2) different Academic Referee Reports.
    • Translated copies of all academic transcripts and academic referee reports if they are not in English.
    • Referees may attach additional pages or documentation in support of the recommendation on official institutional letterhead with an original signature, stamp, and date to support the applicant.
  3. Submit an essay of no more than 2000 words, covering the following points:
    • Explanation of the applicant’s background/circumstances.
    • Envisaged contributions to the economic growth and social development of their country and Africa upon completing their studies, leveraging their education.
    • Details of any community service activities the applicant has been involved in.
    • List of qualities defining leadership for the applicant, along with elaboration on any leadership initiatives they have undertaken.

By adhering to these steps and submitting all required documents, applicants can be considered for The Mastercard Foundation Scholars Program at the University of Cape Town.

Application Deadline: Not Specified

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