International Scholarship at Daveport University USA

International Scholarship at Daveport University USA

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Scholarship Overview:

As international students enrolled in a full-time course at Davenport University, there are several scholarships that you are eligible for. Davenport University Scholarships are based on academic performance and will be automatically applied to tuition costs.

Davenport University aspires to be renowned as a quality institution of higher education that understands the dynamics of the society better than any other institution. At Davenport University, students are prepared and transformed to achieve the highest levels of academic performance, leading them to excel in their chosen disciplines.


Davenport University, USA

Degree Level:

 Undergraduate and Postgraduate

Benefits & Requirements:

University President Scholarship

Benefits: $10,000

Qualifications: 3.90+GPA, 1400 SAT & 3.5 GPA or 30 ACT & 3.5 GPA

Renewal Requirements: Maintain standards of academic progress

Excellence Scholarship

Benefits: $8,000

Qualifications: 3.50+GPA, 1140 SAT & 3.0 GPA or 23 ACT & 3.5 GPA

Renewal Requirements: Maintain standards of academic progress

Achievement Scholarship

Benefits: $6,500

Qualifications: 3.0 to 3.4999 GPA or 2.5 GPA with 1070 SAT or 2.5 with 21 ACT

Renewal Requirements: Maintain standards of academic progress

Signature Scholarship

Benefits: $5,000

Qualifications: GPA less than 3.0

Renewal Requirements: Maintain standards of academic progress

Graduate Scholarships

Medallion Scholarship

Benefits: $2,000

Qualifications: 3.8 GPA

Renewal Requirements: 3.50 GPA

Scholars Award

Benefits: $1,500

Qualifications: 3.5 GPA

Renewal Requirements: 3.20 GPA

Graduate Award

Benefits: $1,000

Qualifications: 3.0 GPA

Renewal Requirements: 3.0 GPA


International Students

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the Davenport University Scholarships, applicants must ensure that they meet the following criteria: Application Must:

  • be admitted as international fee-paying students to a full-time undergraduate or postgraduate program of the university.
  • demonstrate strong academic and leadership abilities.
  • be willing to abide by the rules and regulations governing the conducts of students at the university.

Application Procedure:

Applicants for the Davenport University Scholarships are to first apply for admission into a program at the university. Admitted international students will be automatically offered a scholarship in which he/she is qualified for.

Apply Now | University Website

Application Deadline:


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