Leadership for Africa Master’s Degree Scholarships in Germany

Masters Degree Scholarships for Africans

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Leadership for Africa Master’s Degree Scholarships:

The scholarship programme “Leadership for Africa” (LfA) aims to support the academic qualification and advancement of young refugees and national scholars from Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Senegal at higher education institutions in Germany. In times of conflicts and displacement in various African countries, this programme intends to contribute to the education of future leaders, who will be essential for the reconstruction and / or further development of their home countries. “Leadership for Africa” offers scholarships for studies in Germany to qualified applicants in all fields of study with the exception of public health, medicine, veterinary medicine, dentistry, law, arts and architecture. All “Leadership for Africa” scholarship holders benefit from a complementary study programme in good governance, civil society and sustainable project management. The mandatory programme with several attendance phases each year has to be completed in addition to the regular studies.


DAAD, Germany

Degree Level:

Masters degree

Study Areas:

All study areas.

Scholarship Award Value:

The scholarship includes:

  • Language course (2-6 months) in Germany before the start of the university studies;
  • M.A. or M.Sc. degree programme completed at a state or state-recognized university in Germany;
  • Accompanying side study programme (mandatory) in good governance, civil society and sustainable project management (this has to be completed in addition to the regular studies).


  • If necessary: Language course (2, 4 or 6 months) in Germany before the start of the study programme including the coverage of the test fees for a German language certificate
  • Accompanying study programme;
  • Monthly scholarship rate payments of 861 EURO;
  • Adequate health, accident, and private/personal liability insurance in Germany;
  • Travel allowance;
  • One-off study allowance;
  • If applicable, family allowance and monthly rent subsidy.


Cameroon, Ivory Coast and Senegal

Eligibility Criteria:

  • Successful completion of a Bachelor’s degree or equivalent degree which qualifies to study for a master at an officially recognized university in Germany;
  • A Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Science degree of at least 2nd class upper division level is required;
  • Not more than 6 years should have passed since the completion of the last academic degree;
  • Good English or good German language skills;
  • Notification of admission from the German host university for the desired master study programme; Please note that the applicant itself is responsible for ensuring to apply for admission at the host university by the due date. If notification of admission or the application process itself is not yet available at the time of application, it must be subsequently submitted before the scholarship-supported study begins. A Scholarship Award Letter from the DAAD is only valid if you have been admitted to a master study programme at a public German Institute for Higher Education.

Application Procedure:

The application procedure occurs online through the DAAD portal.

This is what you have to do:

1. Register in the DAAD portal (Read notes about registering in the portal)

2. Applying online in the DAAD portal (Read notes on applying in the portal)

  • Download and complete the online application form
  • Prepare application documents
  • If necessary, translate documents (unless they are already in German or English).
  • Scan paper documents (except references) and save in PDF format. Please note that you can only upload PDF files to the portal.
  • Upload the completed application form and the other application documents to the portal in PDF format. Translations, if applicable, should be uploaded together with the document issued in the original language.
  • Submit the uploaded application documents online.

Apply Now

Application Deadline:

2nd July, 2021

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