Leadership in Government Fellowships 2024 – Shaping Social Change and Rewarding Impact

Leadership in Government Fellowships 2024 – Shaping Social Change and Rewarding Impact

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If you’ve held esteemed positions in government and are driven by a commitment to social change, Open Society-U.S. has an exciting opportunity tailored for you!

Program Insight:

Established in 2016, our initiative empowers former public servants, ranging from local to federal levels, who have recently concluded their service after actively advocating for social advancement.

Desired Candidates:

Open Society is in search of individuals who:

Have recently exited government roles (within the last two years), particularly those at the helm like CEOs or in senior management. Challenge established norms, bringing innovative perspectives to drive social change. Embrace diverse political backgrounds, prioritizing a shared passion for progress. Degree Level: The opportunity, titled “Open Society: Leadership in Government Fellowships 2024” (Fully Funded), is designed for individuals pursuing fellowship-level programs.

Available Subjects:

This scholarship supports programs focused on Leadership.

Scholarship Benefits:

Shape the Future and Earn: Your commitment to making a difference is rewarded with a fellowship stipend ranging from $110,000 to $150,000. This reflects the time and dedication invested in your impactful project.

Eligible Nationalities:

The fellowship is open to individuals of all nationalities.

Eligibility Criteria:

To qualify for the Leadership in Government Fellowships, applicants must:

Have held recent senior-level, full-time roles (such as CEO or senior management) within the US government, including territories. Demonstrate readiness to reflect on their service, address challenges, and champion policy changes beyond their previous jurisdiction. Be passionate about fueling public discourse and contributing to shaping a multi-racial democracy. Welcome diverse political perspectives, especially those challenging conventional thinking about social change. Emphasize collaboration by engaging with the grantee network and contributing to Open Society-U.S.’s mission.

Application Procedure:

Former US government leaders are invited to embark on this transformative journey by:

Downloading the guidelines:

Access the roadmap to making a meaningful impact (PDF format). Applying by January 31st: Ensure your application is submitted before the 11:59 EST deadline. Registering: Share basic information and become part of this influential network. Reflecting on your service: Articulate your leadership journey in government. Crafting your vision: Submit 10 questions that express your passion for change, along with your resume. Connecting and collaborating: Engage with the grantee network to help build a vibrant, multi-racial democracy.


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