Mexico Government Scholarship 2023-24: Fully Funded Opportunity for International Students

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The Mexico Government Scholarship 2023-24 presents a fully funded opportunity for international students to pursue their Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctoral degrees in Mexico. Students from more than 180 countries can apply for this exceptional scholarship, which covers all costs associated with studying abroad. The scholarships are generously provided by the Government of Mexico, and applications are now open for the 2023-24 academic session.

This scholarship program offers a diverse range of academic fields and majors, enabling international students to pursue their undergraduate and postgraduate studies in Mexico. More than 70 esteemed Mexican educational institutions are part of this initiative, offering registered academic programs to foreign students. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE) and the Mexican Agency for International Development Cooperation (AMEXCID) oversee the administration of the scholarship, welcoming applicants from all nationalities.

Embarking on a journey as an international student in Mexico is a remarkable experience. With renowned universities, a vibrant culture, and affordable education, you will have access to a wide array of programs while immersing yourself in a warm and inclusive environment. Discover breathtaking locations, enhance your language skills, and forge lifelong connections with fellow students from around the globe. Mexico provides an enriching and unforgettable educational adventure, filled with learning opportunities and cultural exchange.

Degree Level:

The Fully Funded Mexico Government Scholarship 2023-24 for International Students offers opportunities to pursue programs at the Bachelor’s, Master’s, and PhD levels at universities in Mexico.


This scholarship program offers the opportunity to study a wide range of subjects. There are no restrictions on the available subjects, allowing applicants to choose any field of study for their academic pursuits.

Scholarship Benefits:

The Mexico Government Scholarship 2023 offers a comprehensive range of benefits for international students who wish to study in Mexico. The scholarship is fully funded and covers all necessary expenses related to education. Here are the details of the benefits provided:

  1. Mobility scholarships are available for Bachelor’s and Master’s degree programs.
  2. For Master’s degree students, a monthly maintenance allowance for research stays is provided, which is equivalent to four times the monthly value of the Unit of Measurement and Update (UMA). Currently, the UMA value is $12,614.80 Mexican pesos per month. Please note that the UMA value is subject to legal changes. Child support is provided one month in arrears.
  3. For PhD students, including doctoral research stays, postdoctoral programs, medical specialties, and subspecialties, a monthly maintenance allowance is provided. This allowance is equivalent to five times the monthly value of the Unit of Measurement and Update (UMA). Currently, the UMA value is $15,768.50 Mexican pesos per month. Again, the UMA value is subject to legal changes. Child support is provided one month in arrears.
  4. Enrollment and tuition fees will be covered based on the guidelines of each Mexican educational institution. The final decision regarding these fees will be communicated through an acceptance letter from the institution.
  5. Medical insurance will be provided through the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS). The coverage will begin from the seventh month of the scholarship and will remain valid for the duration of the scholarship. Private institutions will handle the insurance arrangements, while public universities will directly provide the coverage.
  6. The cost of issuing the Mexican visa will be waived for scholarship recipients.
  7. Upon successful completion of the scholarship, international air transportation will be provided. The ticket will be issued for tourist class travel, following the designated flight route.

These benefits aim to ensure that international students can fully focus on their studies and have a smooth and rewarding educational experience in Mexico.


Students from all nationalities are eligible to apply for this scholarship. It is open to international students from around the world, without any restrictions based on nationality.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the scholarship, applicants must meet the following criteria:

  1. Citizenship: Applicants must hold citizenship from one of the eligible countries specified in the scholarship guidelines.
  2. Residency: Candidates must not currently reside in Mexico. This scholarship is intended for international students who are seeking to study in Mexico.
  3. Degree Level: The scholarship is available for Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degrees, as required by the program for which the scholarship is being sought.
  4. Academic Excellence: Scholarships will be awarded based on the applicant’s academic excellence. Academic achievements and qualifications will be considered during the selection process.
  5. Enrollment or Acceptance: Applicants must be accepted into or currently enrolled in a program at one of the participating Mexican institutions as specified in the scholarship Call.
  6. Field of Study: The candidate’s academic excellence in the desired field of study will be taken into consideration. The intended field of study or specialization in Mexico should align with the applicant’s academic and professional background.
  7. Contribution to Home Country: The area of study should be significant and directly contribute to the development of the applicant’s home country. The program of study should be relevant to ongoing or approved projects that contribute to the development of the applicant’s home country.

These eligibility criteria aim to ensure that deserving students with a strong academic background and a commitment to their home countries have the opportunity to pursue their studies in Mexico through this scholarship program.

Application Procedure:

To apply for the Mexico Government Scholarship 2023, please follow the application procedure outlined below:

  1. Access the Academic Cooperation Management System (SIGCA) through this link:
  2. Complete the application registration in Spanish. The application must be filled out in the Spanish language.
  3. The SIGCA portal will be open for applications from May 15, starting at 6:00 pm, until July 21, 2023, at 11:59 pm Central Mexico time. Ensure that you attach all the required documentation as per the instructions provided by the system and the specific scholarship you are applying for.
  4. Each individual can submit only one application and registration, and it must be in their own name.
  5. In the case of applicants holding multiple nationalities, they should submit a single application corresponding to one of the eligible countries mentioned in the Call. The nationality chosen for the application should align with the one that the applicant will be accredited with.
  6. Only applications related to the scholarships available within the academic offerings specified in the Call will be evaluated. Ensure that your application is relevant to the available scholarships mentioned in the Call.

Please carefully follow these steps to ensure a complete and accurate application for the Mexico Government Scholarship 2023.

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