MIEM Excellence Scholarship at The Université de Paris France 2021

MIEM Excellence Scholarship at The Université de Paris France

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MIEM Excellence Scholarship:

Interested in Studying in Paris? The Université de Paris is offering The MIEM programme, that aims to promote the internationalization of master’s programs and help attract the best foreign students to constitute a pool of excellent potential future PhD students. The university is thus equipping itself with a system for training foreign scientists who are experts in their fields and future academic or senior executives in their home country or in France. This programme also aims to train future highly qualified professionals who will participate in the economic and social development of their home country.


The Université de Paris, France

Degree level:

Masters degree

Field of Study:

Sciences, Health, Social Sciences and Humanities.

Scholarship Award:

91 scholarships will be awarded to students admitted to the courses listed in the call for applications. The scholarships are distributed as follows:

  • Science Faculty: 35 scholarships (8 K€ each).
  • Health Faculty: 28 scholarships (10 K€ each).
  • SSH Faculty: 35 scholarships (8 k€ each).
  • IPGP: 7 scholarships (10 K€ each).

This may however not be cumulated with another scholarship. It is awarded for one year, non-renewable and without the possibility of deferment.


International Students

Eligibility Criteria:

Students eligible for this scholarship programme must be:

  • of foreign nationality and primo (first)-applicant at a French university.
  • a foreign baccalaureate holder or national diploma certifying completion of secondary education (that corresponds to the international ISCED/ISCED level3).

The following are not eligible for the programme:

  • Students with a French baccalaureate, but who have studied abroad Foreign students holding a French National Diploma of Higher Education and/or whose last diploma was obtained in France – Students with dual nationality.

Level of access

  • Master 1 for students holding a bachelor’s degree or a foreign degree equivalent to a bachelor’s degree.
  • Master 2 for students holding a foreign degree equivalent to Master 1 in France.

In addition to these general criteria, each master’s degree will apply its own selection criteria. The application will only be admissible after the student has been accepted into the envisaged and eligible Master’s programme.

Application procedure:

The student’s application takes place in three stages:

Step 1:
Students send their application to the International Relations and Strategy Office (SRI): [email protected]. Please note that only complete applications will be accepted. Students are advised to check that his/her application file is correctly completed and that all supporting documents are attached. If this is not the case, the SRI office has the right to turn down the candidate’s application.
Deadline: 1 February 2021

Step 2:
The International Relations and Strategy Office (SRI) communicates the candidates’ files to the faculty councils that select the laureates. Each Faculty council will be responsible for selecting the recipients of the MIEM scholarships and establishing a main list and a secondary list of candidates, in order of academic merit.

Step 3:
The International Relations and Strategy Office (SRI) will communicate the results to all candidates by email. The laureates will have 15 days from the date of receipt of the email to come forward and accept the scholarship. After this deadline, he or she will automatically be considered as having renounced and a candidate from the secondary list will be contacted.

Date of information: 15 April 2020. Expected answer from candidate: between the 1st and 15th day of receiving the email.

Apply Now

Application Deadline:

01 February 2021

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