Nagoya University of Commerce and Business (NUCB) Scholarships Japan 2021-22

NUCB Japan Scholarships 2021

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NUCB Scholarships:

Scholarships are available for encouraging academic excellence and supporting our students. In addition to scholarships for high achievers, we also offer scholarships for the children of graduates and current students of our schools. Both domestic and international students are considered. The details below are provisional and accurate as of March 2021, but may be subject to further revisions.


Nagoya University, Japan

Study Level: 


Subjects Area:

Business & Commerce.


Domestic & International students

Affiliation Scholarship:

  • Eligibility: Students progressing from our affiliated middle school, Nagoya International Junior and Senior High School (NIHS); children and grandchildren of Nagoya University of Commerce and Business (NUCB Undergraduate School and NUCB Business School) students and alumni.
  • Value: 50% of admission fee.

Academic Scholarship:

  • Eligibility: Applicants with outstanding entrance examination results. The fee payer must not earn a salary exceeding JPY 8,410,000 or a non-salary income exceeding JPY 3,550,000 annually.
  • Value: 90%, 60% or 30% of the first-year tuition fee. The Scholarship is renewed on a annual basis for recipients whose yearly results are within the top 20% of the cohort.
  • Availability: Maximum 5 new students per academic year.

Housing Scholarship:

  • Eligibility: Students receiving the highest grade point averages in yearly results.
  • Value: JPY 360,000 over one year (JPY 30,000 per month) towards boarding fees.
  • Availability: Maximum 5 students per year.

Sibling Discount:

  • Eligibility: Siblings of current or former students of the school.
  • Value: 10% of tuition fee.

Application Procedure:

To be part of any of the above-mentioned opportunity; Interested and eligible applicants for Nagoya University of Commerce and Business (NUCB) Scholarships are required to have an offer of admission in an undergraduate degree program at the University.

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