The Royal Society Industry Fellowships 2023-24

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The Royal Society Industry Fellowships 2023-24 in the UK is accepting applications from international students. This scholarship offers PhD and Fellowship level programs in all subjects taught at The Royal Society, with a deadline of March 29th, 2023.

The Industry Fellowship program is part of the Royal Society’s Science and Industry Programme and provides opportunities for talented scientists and engineers to move between academia and industry. This promotes personal and professional growth, knowledge exchange, and the development of longer-term collaborations and relationships. Researchers at all stages of their careers, based in the UK, can participate in this program, which supports collaborative research between academia and industry, enhances knowledge exchange, and emphasizes the value of science. The Industry Fellowship aims to advance the researcher’s career and their team’s, while also promoting collaborative links between academic and industrial organizations that could lead to long-term partnerships.

The Royal Society:

The Royal Society, founded in 1660, is a learned society located in the UK and recognized as one of the world’s oldest and most esteemed scientific organizations. Its mission is to acknowledge, encourage, and support excellence in science while promoting the development and utilization of science for the betterment of humanity.

The Royal Society has been instrumental in advancing modern science, with numerous notable scientists such as Sir Isaac Newton, Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, and Stephen Hawking among its fellows. Today, the Society has a community of roughly 1,700 Fellows and Foreign Members from around the world, who are elected based on their exceptional contributions to science.

The Royal Society is engaged in various activities to promote science, including publishing scientific journals, providing funding for research, organizing scientific conferences, advising governments on scientific matters, and supporting science education and outreach initiatives. The Society places a strong emphasis on promoting diversity and inclusivity in science, as well as encouraging young people to participate in scientific research and innovation.

Degree Level:

The Royal Society Industry Fellowships 2023-24 in the UK is open for individuals who wish to pursue PhD or Fellowship level programs at The Royal Society.


This scholarship program covers all subjects available for study.


The Industry Fellowship program offers the applicant’s basic salary during their secondment, while their employing organization continues to pay for their national insurance and pension contributions.

Research expenses of up to £4,000 per year may be claimed and utilized to support summer studentships of £2,000 per year. This studentship allows a student to work on an industry-relevant research project under the guidance of the awardee and in collaboration with the host organization. At the end of their projects, students are encouraged to present their findings at the annual Industry Fellows Networking event held at the Royal Society.

The Society may provide financial assistance to research fellows for any additional care expenses incurred while attending conferences, collaborative research visits, or invited talks directly related to their fellowship. Such requests are evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

The awards can span up to two years on a full-time basis or a maximum of four years pro rata, which means the fellowship can be held part-time at 50% for four years, allowing fellows to maintain links with their employing institution more conveniently.


International students are eligible to apply for the Industry Fellowship program.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the Industry Fellowship program, you must:

  • Have a PhD or hold an equivalent professional standing
  • Hold a permanent post or have an “open-ended contract” in a UK university, not-for-profit research organization, or industry
  • Be at a stage in your career where you would significantly benefit from establishing or strengthening personal or corporate links between academia and industry as a foundation for long-term collaboration and development.

Application Procedure

To apply for the Industry Fellowship program, follow these steps:

  1. Submit your application through the Society’s grant management system, Flexi-Grant®.
  2. Your application will be reviewed by the Industry Fellowship panel, and a shortlist will be drawn up.
  3. Shortlisted applications will then be sent for independent review before being considered at a panel meeting.
  4. The Society aims to notify applicants of the outcome of their application four months after the deadline.

The Royal Society encourages applications from a diverse range of backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives to maximize innovation and creativity in STEM fields. The Society regularly reviews and revises its processes to ensure that all talented applicants have an equal opportunity to succeed based on the assessment criteria. The panel members are also briefed on unconscious bias in decision making as part of the assessment process.

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