Wellington Master’s by Thesis Scholarship at Victoria University of Wellington 2023

Wellington Master's by Thesis Scholarship at Victoria University of Wellington 2023

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Te Herenga Waka – Victoria University of Wellington offers scholarships to support postgraduate research for students pursuing full-time, research-oriented Master’s degrees. These scholarships are available to eligible applicants at the time of application or those who will become eligible by the beginning of Trimester 2 in the following year. To qualify, applicants must be enrolling in a Master’s program with a thesis worth 90 points or more. The scholarship covers the duration of the thesis course, which may be Part 2 of a two-year Master’s program for some students.

Victoria University of Wellington, situated in New Zealand’s capital city, is a prestigious institution renowned globally for its academic excellence and research-led teaching. It offers a diverse range of programs in arts, sciences, business, law, engineering, and more, providing students with a vibrant and inclusive environment. The university’s emphasis on innovation, critical thinking, and practical application of knowledge equips students with the skills needed to succeed in their chosen fields.

Studying at Victoria University of Wellington as an international student offers a unique and enriching experience. The university embraces cultural diversity and fosters a supportive community, ensuring that students from around the world feel welcome and included. The campus provides modern facilities, state-of-the-art libraries, research centers, and collaborative spaces, creating an ideal environment for learning and personal growth.

Additionally, Victoria University values global perspectives and encourages international students to engage in cross-cultural interactions. Numerous student organizations, clubs, and events promote cultural exchange and offer opportunities to build networks and friendships. The university also provides comprehensive support services, including academic guidance, career counseling, accommodation assistance, and resources for student well-being. These services ensure that international students have a smooth transition and a rewarding academic journey.

Degree Level:

The Wellington Master’s by Thesis Scholarship at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, is designed for students who wish to pursue a Master’s level program at the university.

Scholarship Benefits:

The Wellington Master’s by Thesis Scholarship at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand, offers the following benefits:

  1. Tax-Free Stipend: Recipients of the scholarship will receive a stipend of $15,000 for a duration of one year. The stipend is provided on a monthly basis.
  2. Tuition Fees: The scholarship covers the tuition fees for the thesis course. However, this applies only to domestic fees for a total of 120 points.
  3. Disbursement of Funds: The scholarship stipend will be paid to recipients in monthly instalments, with the first payment made shortly after enrolment confirmation. The payment of fees will be handled directly by the Scholarships Office to the University.
  4. International Students: International students, except those from Australia, will be responsible for paying the difference between the full international student fee and the domestic fee.
  5. Co-Tenure with Other Awards: If a recipient is receiving other awards that exceed a total value of $6,000, they must obtain approval for co-tenure of the Wellington Master’s by Thesis Scholarship with those awards from the University Scholarships Committee. It is important to note that co-tenure with other awards may result in a reduction in the value of the scholarship stipend.


Students of all nationalities are eligible to apply for this scholarship. International students from any country can apply and be considered for the Wellington Master’s by Thesis Scholarship at Victoria University of Wellington.

Eligibility Criteria:

We welcome applications from eligible candidates who meet the following criteria either at the time of application or by the start of Trimester 2 in the subsequent year:

  1. Master’s Degree Program: Applicants should be enrolling in a Master’s degree program that includes a thesis component worth 90 points or more. This can be either a one-year Master’s program with a thesis worth 90 points or more or the second part of a Master’s program where the student will undertake a thesis course worth 90 points or more. The Master’s thesis is typically identified by the course codes 591 or 592.
  2. Portfolio Course Eligibility: It’s important to note that eligibility also extends to students pursuing a portfolio course valued at 90 points or more, as long as it is administered under the University’s regulations for Master’s by Thesis (refer to section 6 of those regulations). However, students enrolled in a 60-point dissertation course are not eligible for these scholarships.
  3. Academic Excellence: Ideally, applicants should have completed a Bachelor’s degree or the first part of a Master’s degree, demonstrating academic excellence equivalent to a Grade Point Average (GPA) of at least 7.0 from a recognized New Zealand university. It’s worth noting that a GPA of 7.0 is the minimum requirement, but the University Research Scholarships Committee may set a higher standard if the number of applications exceeds the available funding.

Application Procedure:

To apply for the scholarship, please follow the application procedure outlined below:

  1. Community Force Platform: All scholarship applications must be submitted through the Community Force platform. Make sure to access the platform and complete the online application.
  2. Deadline: It is crucial to submit a fully completed online application by 4.30 pm on the specified closing date. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.
  3. Supporting Documentation: Along with the online application, ensure that all required supporting documentation, including references, is submitted by 4.30 pm on the closing date. These documents are essential for the application to be considered.

Studying at Victoria University of Wellington as an international student offers numerous advantages. It provides a high-quality education, an opportunity to be part of a diverse and inclusive community, a chance to gain a global perspective, and the development of essential skills for success in a rapidly changing world.

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