Digital Agriculture PhD Supplementary Scholarship at ANU 2021-2022

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Scholarship Details: 

Each year the ANU College of Science (CoS) and the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science (CECS) may offer a limited number of awards known as the Digital Agriculture PhD Supplementary Scholarship (Award).

The objective of this Award is to provide funding for outstanding domestic or international students to enable them to pursue a PhD program in Science, Engineering or Technology at the University. The focus of their research is on a collaborative project between CSIRO and the Australian National University (ANU) in the field of information science relevant to the agriculture domain.


Australian National University, Australia.

Degree level: 

PhD Level


Research field of Information Science relevant to the Agriculture domain – based in either the College of Science, or the College of Engineering & Computer Science

Scholarship Award:

Supplementary Scholarship:

$15,000 per annum (fortnightly payments).

Duration (3 years).

Extension (1x 6mth extension with approval from DA).


Domestic or International Students are eligible for this scholarships

Eligibility / Selection Criteria:

The Award will be available each year to a prospective or continuing, (within 6 months of enrolment), domestic or international student who:

is enrolled or enrolling full-time in a program of study for the degree of Doctor of Philosophy in the field of Information Science relevant to the Agriculture domain, based in the either the ANU College of Science or the ANU College of Engineering and Computer Science; and

will be undertaking research for CSIRO / ANU projects under a Collaboration Agreement; and

has demonstrated First class honors (H1), or equivalence; and

have signed a Student Agreement with CSIRO, unless otherwise agreed in writing with CSIRO; and

must not be in full-time employment; and

is the recipient of an AGRTP or equivalent HDR base stipend, or is approved to hold this Award as a bridging scholarship.

Applying procedure Instructions:

Applications via an application form – see for further details.

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