List of Countries Offering Caregiver Work Visas in 2024

List of Countries Offering Caregiver Work Visas in 2024

A caregiver, providing assistance to individuals in need due to age, illness, or disability, is in high demand globally. Many countries have established specific caregiver visa programs, allowing foreign caregivers to work legally abroad. This guide explores the eligibility criteria, salary estimates, and caregiver visa options in 2024 for seven countries.

General Eligibility Criteria for Caregiver Visas:

  1. Educational Background: Qualifications or relevant experience may be required, impacting salary levels.
  2. Language Proficiency: Fluency in the host country’s language is essential for effective communication.
  3. Medical Fitness: Applicants typically undergo medical examinations to ensure they can perform caregiving duties.
  4. Clean Legal Background: A history free from criminal activity is commonly required for the safety of care recipients.

How Much a Caregiver Can Earn (Average) Globally?

Calculating a global average salary for caregivers is complex, ranging from approximately $5,000 to $50,000 USD annually. Developed countries offer higher salaries (e.g., US, Canada, and Western Europe), while developing countries have a lower range.

Examples of Caregiver Salaries in Specific Countries:

  • United States: Home healthcare aides average $33,938 per year.
  • Canada: Home support workers earn about $41,000 annually.
  • Germany: Caregivers earn around €35,000 per year.

Caregiver Work Visa Options in 2024:

  1. Canada’s Homemaker Caregiver Program:
    • Requirements: Job offer, language skills, caregiving experience.
    • Process: Thorough application with medical exams and police checks.
    • Cost: Processing fee of $150 CAD, with additional fees for biometrics.
  2. United States: EB-3 Visa for Caregivers:
    • Requirements: Sponsorship, complex application process.
    • Cost: Varied, depending on the specific circumstances.
  3. United Kingdom Care Worker Visa:
    • Requirements: Job offer, English proficiency, qualifications.
    • Process: Document submission, interviews, health tests.
    • Cost: £610 processing fee, with an additional healthcare surcharge.
  4. German Altenpflegefachkraft and Kinderpflegefachkraft Visas:
    • Requirements: Qualifications, German language proficiency.
    • Process: Document submission and proof of language skills.
    • Cost: €80.20 processing fee, with varying additional fees.
  5. Ireland Critical Skills Employment Permit:
    • Requirements: Inclusion in the Critical Skills Employment Permit.
    • Process: Simplified for qualified individuals.
    • Cost: Varies based on circumstances.
  6. Australia Temporary Skill Shortage (TSS) Visa:
    • Requirements: Employer sponsorship, relevant skills.
    • Process: Varied, state-specific needs.
    • Cost: AUD 630 processing fee, with varying additional fees.
  7. Japan Special Long-Term Resident Visa for Caregivers:
    • Requirements: Family ties, Japanese language proficiency.
    • Process: Comprehensive, involving document submission and interviews.
    • Cost: ¥4,800 JPY processing fee, with varying additional fees.

Cost of Applying for a Caregiver Visa in 2024:


  • Processing Fee: $150 CAD
  • Biometrics Fee: $85 CAD

United Kingdom:

  • Processing Fee: £610
  • Healthcare Surcharge: £624/year


  • Processing Fee: €80.20
  • Additional Fees: Varying


  • Processing Fee: AUD 630
  • Additional Fees: Varying


  • Processing Fee: ¥4,800 JPY
  • Additional Fees: Varying

This comprehensive guide provides insights into caregiver visa options, requirements, and costs, serving as a valuable resource for those seeking caregiving opportunities abroad in 2024.


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