Government of Zhejiang Scholarships 2024 With Salary Stipend

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The Zhejiang Municipal Government has recently announced a scholarship program that interested applicants can apply for. This program is an alternative option for those who missed the deadline for the Chinese Government Scholarship. More information about the scholarship can be found on the website of the Zhejiang Provincial Education Department or by contacting the relevant authorities.

About Zhejiang University Govt Scholarship:

Describing the scholarship program in Zhejiang province is not straightforward as some universities in the region are co-sponsoring the Zhejiang government scholarship with their own funds. This means that applicants who receive the Zhejiang government scholarship will also receive additional benefits from these universities, resulting in a double award. The specifics of these benefits vary depending on the university, and further details can be obtained by contacting the relevant authorities or visiting the website of the Zhejiang Provincial Education Department.

The Zhejiang Municipal Government Scholarship program offers two classes of awards: Class A and Class B. Recipients of the Class A scholarship will receive a funding sponsorship of RMB 30,000, while Class B winners will receive RMB 20,000. In addition, some universities in the Zhejiang province are offering additional benefits to international students, such as free accommodation, monthly stipends, and health insurance plans. It is important to note that some universities are co-sponsoring the Zhejiang government scholarship program, which means that successful applicants may receive double benefits.

Degree Options:

The list of Chinese universities in Zhejiang province whose international student offices can be contacted to inquire about the acceptance of international student applications for Zhejiang Municipal government scholarships.

  1. Zhejiang Wanli University
  2. Communication University of Zhejiang
  3. Zhejiang University
  4. Zhejiang Chinese Medical University
  5. Zhejiang Ocean University
  6. Zhejiang Normal University
  7. Hangzhou Normal University
  8. Zhejiang Gongshang University
  9. Wenzhou Medical University
  10. Shaoxing University
  11. Taizhou University

There are 11 universities located in Zhejiang province that offer degree programs such as MS, BS, or PhD in various fields, including management, medicine, engineering, science, arts, law, and agricultural/forestry. To get more accurate information about the subject offerings under Zhejiang government scholarship 2024, it is recommended to visit the international student office webpages of these universities and check their subject offerings and departments.

Application Process:

  • Zhejiang municipal government scholarship has an age requirement: applicants must be under 30 years old for bachelor’s admissions and under 35 years old for master’s/PhD admissions.
  • If the age criteria are met, applicants are eligible to submit their scholarship application.
  • The application process for Zhejiang government scholarship is similar to that of the Chinese CSC scholarship.
  • Applicants need to prepare the following documents:
    1. Two original recommendation letters
    2. Research proposal or study plan
    3. Degrees/transcripts
    4. English proficiency letter
    5. Health fitness certificate
  • These documents, along with the applicant’s biodata information, should be submitted through the designated Chinese university’s admission portal.
  • During the application process, indicate that you are applying for admission under the fully funded Zhejiang government scholarship.

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