Scholarship News GKS Korean Government Undergraduate Scholarship 2024-2025

Scholarship News GKS Korean Government Undergraduate Scholarship 2024-2025

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Applications are currently being accepted for the Global Korea Scholarship for undergraduate degree programs in 2024. This scholarship, officially named the GKS Korean Government Undergraduate Scholarship 2024, is generously funded by the Korean Government, covering all associated expenses. It’s noteworthy that IELTS scores are not obligatory for eligibility.

A total of 262 scholars will be chosen for the GKS Undergraduate Scholarship, divided into two tracks: the Embassy Track and the University Track. Applicants have the flexibility to apply for both tracks.

For the Embassy Track, applicants must submit their applications through the Korean Embassy in their home countries. In contrast, for the University Track, candidates can directly apply to one of the designated universities. Specifically, there are 86 positions allocated for the Embassy Track, and 176 positions for the University Track, totaling 262 available scholarships.

Studying as an International Student in South Korea:

Embarking on an academic journey in South Korea as an international student promises a dynamic and enriching experience. Firstly, South Korea is renowned for its world-class educational institutions and cutting-edge research opportunities. With many programs offered in English, the accessibility for international students is remarkable. The academic atmosphere is marked by intense competition, nurturing a culture of excellence and innovation.

Secondly, South Korea offers a captivating fusion of tradition and modernity. As a student, you’ll have the opportunity to delve into a rich cultural heritage while residing in a technologically advanced society. The country boasts a vibrant food scene, a thriving pop culture, and scenic landscapes, creating an enthralling environment for both living and learning.

Lastly, South Korea’s strategic location in Asia opens doors to engaging with the region. Networking opportunities abound as you interact with peers from diverse backgrounds, encompassing both local and international students. The country’s economic growth and global presence provide valuable insights and connections that can significantly contribute to your academic and career journey. In essence, studying in South Korea offers a comprehensive educational experience, combining academic excellence, cultural immersion, and international exposure.

Degree Level:

This fully funded scholarship opportunity is accessible for those seeking to pursue undergraduate level programs at universities in South Korea.

Scholarship Benefits:

The GKS (Global Korea Scholarship) is a comprehensive, fully funded scholarship program established by the Korean government in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Korea. It stands out as the largest scholarship initiative ever introduced by the Korean Government.

The Scholarship Package Encompasses:

  1. Round-trip Airfare
  2. Full Tuition Fees
  3. Settlement Allowance
  4. Monthly Allowance
  5. One-Year Korean Language Training Fee
  6. Degree Program Tuition Fee
  7. Reimbursement for Thesis (Dissertation) Printing Fee
  8. Medical Allowance
  9. Grants for Degree Completion
  10. Grants for Korean Proficiency
  11. Opportunities to Explore Korean Culture
  12. Deepening of Korean Education
  13. Support for Professional and Personal Development
  14. Contributions to Global Prosperity

Eligible Nationalities:

This scholarship warmly welcomes applications from international students of all nationalities.

Eligibility Criteria:

The eligibility criteria for the GKS Undergraduate Scholarship for the year 2024 are as follows:

  1. Nationality: Open to applicants of all nationalities, excluding Korean citizens.
  2. Educational Background:
    • Applicants with a completed bachelor’s degree are ineligible.
    • Candidates with associate degrees are only eligible for bachelor’s programs.
  3. Academic Performance:
    • A minimum CGPA (Cumulative Grade Point Average) of 2.64 out of 4, 2.80 out of 4.3, 2.91 out of 4.5, or 3.23 out of 5.0 is required.
    • The score percentile should be at or above 80 percent.
  4. Age Limit:
    • Applicants should be under the age of 25 years.
  5. Health and Record:
    • Must be in good physical health.
    • Must possess a clean criminal record.

Application Procedure:

Duration of Program:

  • Associate Degree: 1 year of the Korean language program, followed by 2~3 years of the degree program.
  • Undergraduate Degree: 1 year of the Korean language program, with 4~6 years allocated for the degree program.

The application process for the GKS Korean Government Undergraduate Scholarship 2024 involves two tracks: the Embassy track and the University track. Applicants have the flexibility to directly submit their applications to the University.

It’s crucial to recognize that the application process for the GKS Korean Government scholarship may differ from one country to another.

In summary, the GKS stands as a comprehensive, fully funded scholarship program supported by the Korean government and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Korea. It provides an array of benefits to assist individuals in their educational and personal development, with the ultimate aim of contributing to global prosperity.

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