Fully Funded Matsumae International Fellowship 2025 In Japan

Fully Funded Matsumae International Fellowship 2025 In Japan

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The Matsumae International Fellowship 2025 in Japan (Fully Funded) welcomes applications from International Students. This scholarship supports Fellowship level programs in Medicine, Engineering, and Natural Sciences, offered at various universities in Japan. The application deadline is June 30, 2024.

Degree Level:

The Matsumae International Fellowship 2025 in Japan (Fully Funded) is open for Fellowship level programs at Japan Universities.


The fellowship spans six months, between April 2025 and March 2026. Applicants need to specify the starting and ending months in their Application Form (#1). (For example, From September 2025 to February 2026.)


Approximately 15 fellows will be selected.


Applicants have the flexibility to choose a host institution in Japan, including universities, national research institutions, or equivalent facilities in the private sector, for their research. It is essential to secure acceptance from the host institution before applying. The MIF does not offer guidance or recommendations regarding host institutions in Japan.

Available Subjects:

The scholarship program covers studies in the following subjects:

  • Medicine
  • Engineering
  • Natural Sciences

Scholarship Benefits:

  • Monthly Allowance: Grantees receive a monthly allowance of JPY 220,000 to cover research expenses, including materials, and living expenses in Japan.
  • Arrival Fund: A one-time allowance of JPY 120,000 is provided to assist with initial living costs in Japan.
  • Round-trip Air Transportation: Economy class airfare is covered for round-trip travel between the nearest international airport from the grantee’s domicile and Tokyo, Japan.
  • Insurance: Grantees receive overseas travel insurance, including medical treatment and death benefits.
  • Study Tour: Fellowship recipients are invited to participate in a study tour during their fellowship to enhance their understanding of Japan.

Eligible Nationalities:

International Students from all countries, excluding Japan, are eligible to apply for this fellowship.

Eligibility Criteria:

This program is open to international applicants (non-Japanese nationality) who meet the following qualifications:

  1. Alignment with MIF Values: Applicants must demonstrate a strong understanding and appreciation for the core values of the MIF.
  2. Host Institution Sponsorship: You must have secured a letter of acceptance from a qualified academic institution in Japan willing to host you during your program tenure.
  3. Doctoral Degree: Possession of a Ph.D. (Doctoral degree) is mandatory.
  4. Age Requirement: Applicants must be 45 years old or younger at the application deadline (born in or after 1979).
  5. Language Proficiency: Strong English or Japanese language skills are required for successful participation in the program.
  6. Limited Prior Experience in Japan: This program prioritizes applicants with limited experience in Japan (excluding short visits for tourism or conferences).
  7. Current Employment: Applicants must be currently employed in their home country at the time of application.

Application Procedure:

Applicants are required to submit their application documents to the MIF via email.

  • Email Address: [email protected]
  • Application Period: April 1, 2024, to June 30, 2024 (Japan Standard Time) (Applications submitted outside the specified period will not be accepted under any circumstances.)


Submit the following documents as separate PDFs via email to [email protected]. All documents must be in English.

  1. Application Form: Download from the MIF website. Attach a recent ID photo.
  2. Statement of Purpose: Explain your motivation for applying (500 words).
  3. Research Plan: Detail research content, objectives, and roadmap, with input from your Japanese host.
  4. CV and Publication List: Include relevant publications highlighted in yellow.
  5. Recommendation Letter: From your current employer, confirming academic ability and study leave availability.
  6. Academic Certificates: Soft copies of Ph.D., Master’s, and Bachelor’s certificates (English translations if necessary).
  7. Invitation Letter: From your Japanese host, confirming agreement to the fellowship period, research project, and support.
  8. Note to Host Professors/Scholars in Japan: Provide a letter with full name, institutional affiliation, and contact details in both English and Japanese.

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