Lithuania Seasonal Worker Visa Application Process for Non-European2024

Lithuania Seasonal Worker Visa Application for 2024

If you’re a non-European individual eyeing seasonal employment in Lithuania, the path to the Lithuania Seasonal Worker Visa involves obtaining a work permit and a long-stay national (D) Visa. This comprehensive guide unveils the conditions, procedures, and rights essential to your stay. Seasonal workers are granted the flexibility to engage in employment for a duration of six months annually.

Key Features:

  • Duration Alignment: A seasonal work permit, valid for six months, seamlessly aligns with the duration of the long-stay national visa. However, for seasonal job offers spanning up to 90 days, a Schengen visa may be a viable alternative, falling under Lithuania Work Visas.
  • Eligibility Criteria: The Lithuania Seasonal Worker Visa caters specifically to non-European nationals. Individuals from the EU/EEA region enjoy the privilege of not requiring work permits for employment within Lithuania.

Visa Requirements:

To embark on this journey, consider the following prerequisites:

  • Seasonal Job Offer: A formal offer for seasonal employment.
  • Valid Job Contract: A legally binding job contract outlining terms and conditions.
  • Work Permit: An official authorization for seasonal work.
  • Additional Documents: Various documents supporting your visa application.
  • Visa Type: National Long-Term Visa (D Visa).
  • Eligibility: Open to Non-EU Nationals.

Eligible Job Categories:

The Lithuania Seasonal Worker Visa spans various industries, including:

  • Agriculture and Forestry
  • Tourism and Hospitality
  • Construction and Manufacturing
  • Cleaning and Other Services

Quotas for 2024:

For official quota details, the Lithuanian Department of Migration serves as the authoritative source.

Obtaining a Lithuania Work Permit:

Employers play a pivotal role in this process. They initiate the application for your seasonal work permit at the local Employment Service Office, submitting a preliminary employment contract that solidifies upon permit approval.

  • Processing Time: A swift turnaround within 7 working days.

Applying for the Long Stay National (D) Visa:

Once the work permit is secured, the subsequent step involves applying for the National Long-Term Visa through a Lithuanian embassy or consulate. Required documents include a passport, work permit, accommodation proof, health insurance, and proof of financial resources.

  • Processing Time: Typically concluded within 15 days.
  • Visa Cost: Varied based on nationality and duration of stay.

Job Resources:

Explore these resources for a seamless employment journey in Lithuania:

For further insights, consult the official EU Commission Website on Lithuania Seasonal Worker visas. Your pathway to seasonal employment in Lithuania awaits—seize the opportunity!

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