Romania Study Visa 2024 (Visa Process And Types)

Romania Study Visa 2024 (Visa Process And Types)

Romania Study Visa: A Comprehensive Guide to the Long Stay Visa Process in 2024

Embarking on your educational journey in Romania is an exciting prospect, especially with the announcement of the Romania Government Scholarship 2024 by the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. This emphasizes the importance of understanding the Romania Study Visa Process, particularly tailored for foreign nationals planning a stay in Romania exceeding 90 days.

For students pursuing pre-graduate, graduate, or postgraduate studies, training, or internships, the Romania long-stay visa process is crucial. In this guide, we will delve into the essential details, requirements, and steps involved in obtaining the Romania Study Visa.

Key Information about Romania’s Long Stay Visa (symbol D/SD):


This visa is granted to third-country nationals intending to pursue pre-graduate, graduate, or postgraduate studies, training, or internships in Romania.

Work Opportunity:

One notable feature is the allowance for part-time work, up to four hours a day, without the need for a separate work permit. This presents an added benefit for those seeking employment opportunities while pursuing their studies.

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Requirements for Romania Study Visa:

  1. Acceptance Letter:
    • Obtain a letter of acceptance issued by a Romanian University for your intended course of study.
  2. Authorization to Study:
    • Secure authorization to study from the Romanian Ministry of Education, following acceptance into the university.
  3. Financial Documentation:
    • Provide proof of payment of tuition fees for at least one year, unless you are on a scholarship.
    • Present evidence of financial support.
  4. Additional Documents:
    • Submit a police clearance certificate.
    • Provide proof of accommodation in Romania.
    • Show evidence of health insurance coverage.
    • Complete the long-stay visa application form, available on the Romanian Ministry of Foreign Affairs website.
    • Furnish a valid passport along with passport-sized pictures.

Visa Cost: The application fee for a Romania Long Stay Visa (marked D) is EUR 120.

Application Process:

Form Submission:

  1. Download the long-stay visa application form, complete it, and attach all necessary documents.

Timeline: 2. Submit long-stay visa applications at least 45 days before the intended travel date.

Appointment Scheduling: 3. Schedule an appointment in advance through

Submission Method: 4. Note that visa applications must be submitted in person; applications sent by post or courier will not be accepted.

Embassy Details: 5. For specific embassy instructions, visit, select your country, and follow the provided guidelines.

Fully Funded Romania Government Scholarships 2024

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