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University of Greenwich International Scholarship 2024-25

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University of Greenwich International Scholarship Overview:

The University of Greenwich offers the International Scholarships Award, presenting international students with an exceptional opportunity to receive a substantial tuition fee reduction of up to £3,000 for their first year of study. This initiative aims to support and encourage international students embarking on their academic journey at the University of Greenwich, making their education more accessible and financially viable.

Terms and Conditions for the University of Greenwich International Scholarship:

  1. Course Offer: Applicants must have received an offer to enroll in a full-time undergraduate or taught postgraduate program for the upcoming January or April intakes at the University of Greenwich.
  2. International Fee Status: Candidates must be classified as international fee-paying students for their tuition fees.
  3. Payment Structure: The scholarship provides a tuition fee reduction exclusively for the first year of studies. Subsequent academic years will require full tuition fee payment. This award cannot substitute the deposit payment.
  4. Non-Retroactive: The scholarship cannot be applied retroactively; it is not applicable if studies have already commenced.
  5. Deposit Payment: Upon confirmation of the scholarship award, timely payment of the tuition fee deposit or acceptance of the offer (for sponsored students) within 28 days is crucial. Failure to comply may result in the scholarship being awarded to other applicants in subsequent rounds.
  6. No Other Awards: Applicants should not be recipients of any other awards, bursaries, or scholarships, except for the separate alumni scholarship available to Greenwich alumni.
  7. Participation in University Activities: Scholarship recipients may be required to participate in university promotional activities, such as interviews and attending university events.
  8. Single Application: Each applicant is eligible to apply for this scholarship once.
  9. Final Decision: The decision of the scholarship panel is considered final.
  10. Feedback: Due to the high volume of applications, individualized feedback cannot be provided.

Degree Level and Available Subjects:

  • Degree Level: The University of Greenwich International Scholarship Award is available for both undergraduate and postgraduate level programs at the University of Greenwich, UK.
  • Available Subjects: All subjects are eligible under this scholarship program.

Benefits of the University of Greenwich International Award:

International students offered admission to the University of Greenwich may qualify for a tuition fee reduction of up to £3,000 during their initial year of study.

Eligible Nationalities for the University of Greenwich International Award:

This scholarship opportunity is open to international students of all nationalities, excluding EU nationals residing within the EU. However, EU nationals may be eligible for the EU bursary. Additionally, students transitioning from the University of Greenwich International College (UGIC) to the university segment of their course will also be considered.

Eligibility Criteria for the University of Greenwich International Award:

To be eligible for this opportunity, candidates must fulfill the following requirements:

  • Have received an offer to commence their course in either January 2024 or April 2024.
  • Tuition fees will be evaluated at the international rate.
  • Not currently benefiting from any other scholarships provided by the University or any other funding sources.

Please note that the availability of these programs may vary throughout the academic year due to fluctuations in course demand. As a result, the International Recruitment team reserves the right to withdraw programs from consideration for this award with short notice.

Application Procedure for the University of Greenwich International Award:

Applicants are required to apply for the award by completing our Application form.

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