Fully Funded Ton Duc Thang University Scholarships 2023

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The Ton Duc Thang University Graduate Scholarships for the academic year 2023-2024 are comprehensive scholarships available to international students. These scholarships are exclusively available for individuals pursuing master’s, doctoral, and postdoctoral studies. The scholarship program provides full funding for both tuition fees and accommodation expenses.

Ton Duc Thang University (TDTU), a dynamic and ambitious university situated in the bustling Ho Chi Minh City, the economic and educational center of Vietnam, is dedicated to fostering Vietnam’s progress and sustainable development in the 21st century.

As an international student enrolled at TDTU, you will have the opportunity to avail yourself of numerous graduate and research scholarships, enabling you to strive for academic and research excellence. These scholarships are granted based on exceptional academic achievements and potential for research. The following scholarships are accessible to international graduate students.

Scholarship Summary:

  • Degree Level: Master’s, Doctorate, Postdoctoral
  • University: Ton Duc Thang
  • University Location:
  • Vietnam Duration: The duration of the program depends on the specific degree chosen.

Courses Offered:

  • Accounting
  • Applied sciences
  • Business administration
  • Civil engineering
  • Electrical & electronics engineering
  • Environment and labor safety
  • Finance and banking
  • Foreign languages
  • Industrial fine arts
  • Information technology
  • International studies
  • Labor relation and trade unions
  • Law
  • Mathematics and statistics
  • Pharmacy
  • Social sciences and humanities
  • Sport science

For further details about the Master’s programs, please click here.

Scholarship Coverage:

The Ton Duc Thang University Graduate Scholarship offers the following options:

  • Full scholarship: Covers full tuition fees and full accommodation fees.
  • Partial scholarship: Covers 50% of the tuition fee and 50% of the accommodation fee.
  • Research scholarship: Determined based on publications for Ton Duc Thang University.

Eligibility Criteria:

To be eligible for the Ton Duc Thang University Graduate Scholarship, candidates must meet the following requirements:

  • Required Language:
    • For master’s programs conducted in English: TOEIC 600, TOEFL iBT 50, IELTS 5.5, PET/FCE 160 (English certificates must be valid for two years from the test date up to the application date), or proof of completing a bachelor’s/master’s program taught in English.
    • For master’s programs conducted in Vietnamese: TOEIC 500, TOEFL iBT 45, IELTS 4.5, PET/FCE 140 (English certificates must be valid for two years from the test date up to the application date), or proof of completing a bachelor’s/master’s program taught in English.
  • Eligible Countries: Open to all countries worldwide.
  • All required documents must be provided to complete the application process.

How to Apply:

To apply for the Ton Duc Thang University Graduate Scholarship, please adhere to the following application instructions:

  1. Online Application:
    • Begin your application by accessing the online registration system at [provide the online application link].
  2. Submit the Online Application Form:
    • Complete the Online Application Form through the registration system.
    • Ensure that you have the following documents ready for submission:

To apply for the Ton Duc Thang University Graduate Scholarship, please follow these instructions:

  1. Curriculum Vitae: Prepare a comprehensive CV detailing your educational background, work experience, and other relevant qualifications.
  2. Original copy of bachelor’s transcript: Provide an official transcript of records for your bachelor’s degree in the relevant field of study.
  3. Original copy of bachelor’s certificate: Submit an official certificate verifying the completion of your bachelor’s degree in the appropriate field of study.
  4. Statement of Purpose: Write a statement of purpose that is approximately 500 words in length, outlining your academic and career goals, as well as your motivation for pursuing the scholarship.
  5. Criminal record: Include a document indicating your criminal record status.
  6. Copy of Passport: Provide a clear and legible copy of your passport, displaying personal details and validity.
  7. Reference Letter from Bachelor’s thesis advisor: Obtain a reference letter from your bachelor’s thesis advisor, attesting to your academic abilities and potential.
  8. Photograph: Attach a recent passport-sized photograph (3×4 cm) to your application.
  9. Health Check Report: Obtain a health check report from an official clinic or hospital within the past 6 months, demonstrating your overall health status.
  10. English Language Proficiency: Submit proof of your English language proficiency, such as TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS scores, or other recognized English language certificates, as per the scholarship requirements.

Please ensure that all documents are complete and ready for submission with your online application.

Application Deadline: May 30, 2023

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