HEC Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2024-25: Fulfill Your Dreams in Hungary

HEC Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship 2024-25 Fulfill Your Dreams in Hungary

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The HEC Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship for the academic year 2024-25 in Hungary is open to international students. This fully funded scholarship, sponsored by the Government of Hungary, covers Bachelor’s, Master’s, PhD, and Non-Degree programs at leading Hungarian universities. The scholarship program, initiated in 2013, is designed to enhance global student enrollment in Hungary and attract top talent to its higher education institutions.

The scholarship offers around 5,000 opportunities annually across diverse academic fields and majors, all delivered in English and fully supported by the Hungarian government. The HEC Stipendium Hungaricum Scholarship Program is particularly renowned for its focus on quality education and consistently increasing applicant numbers.

Degree Types and Available Subjects:

The scholarship encompasses various academic levels, including Bachelor’s, One-Tier Master’s, Master’s, and PhD degrees. The eligible study fields are determined by the Higher Education Commission of Pakistan in collaboration with Hungarian universities. Detailed information about available programs and study fields can be found on the official website: https://stipendiumhungaricum.hu/study-finder/. It is crucial for applicants to adhere to specific degree programs and study fields defined by the HEC.

Medicine and Dentistry programs, approved by the Pakistan Medical Commission, are available at prestigious institutions such as the University of Szeged, Semmelweis University, University of Debrecen, and University of Pécs.

Scholarship Benefits:

The scholarship covers tuition fees, with Tempus Public Foundation providing financial support for accommodation and health funding. However, it’s important to note that these provisions only partially contribute to the living expenses of scholarship holders. Students are advised to assess the expected living expenses in Hungary and the chosen city before applying. Details can be found at http://www.studyinhungary.hu/living-in-hungary/menu/your-costs-of-living.html.

Eligibility Criteria:

This scholarship is exclusively available to Pakistani students who meet the following criteria:

  1. Applicants must be citizens of Pakistan/AJ&K.
  2. Candidates in their final year of study or awaiting results are eligible.
  3. Specific educational requirements apply to different degree levels, such as completion of HSSC/Intermediate for Bachelor’s and One-Tier Master’s degrees by August 01, 2024.
  4. Master’s applicants must hold a 16-year Bachelor’s or equivalent degree by the specified date.
  5. PhD applicants should have completed a 17/18-year Masters/MS/MPhil degree by August 01, 2024.
  6. No upper age limit, but minimum age for undergraduates is 18 by August 31, 2024.
  7. Successful candidates must commit to returning to Pakistan after completing their studies, as prescribed by HEC.
  8. Additional requirements set by the host Hungarian university/Tempus Public Foundation/Higher Education Commission of Pakistan must be fulfilled.

Application Procedure:

Applicants must follow a two-step application process:

Step 1: Tempus Public Foundation (Hungarian side) Online Application

  • Access the Tempus Public Foundation Hungary online system to submit applications.
  • Upload required documents and keep printed copies for record.
  • Apply online at Stipendium Hungaricum (refer to the Application Guide: Application Guide for Stipendium Hungaricum Programme).

Step 2: HEC Online Application

  • Apply at HEC Scholarship Portal.
  • Select “Hungarian Scholarship Program” after profile completion.
  • Retain a signed copy of the submitted application.

Document Requirements:

  • Complete both HEC and Hungarian online application forms.
  • Attach a recent photo, a motivation letter, and proof of language proficiency.
  • Submit school certificates, transcripts, and translations where necessary.
  • Provide a medical certificate issued after November 15, 2023, and a copy of the passport.
  • Accept the “Statement for Application” in the Tempus Public Foundation’s online system.

Note: Translations must accompany documents not in the selected study program’s language or Hungarian to ensure completeness of submissions. The HEC portal closes on January 15, 2024, at 1600 Hours Pakistan Time.

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