Koç University Masters And Phd Scholarships News 2024-2025

Koç University Masters And Phd Scholarships News 2024-2025

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Embark on your academic journey in Turkey through the Koc University Scholarship Exciting news! The doors are open for applications for the Koc University Scholarship. This piece will furnish you with in-depth insights into this scholarship, its perks, and a step-by-step guide on how to apply.

The Koc University Scholarship 2024-2025 stands out as a fully funded program tailored for international students pursuing master’s and PhD studies. This prestigious scholarship encompasses a comprehensive package, including a tuition waiver, a monthly stipend, housing assistance, private health insurance, and travel support.

Koç University has carved a niche for itself as a global hub for excellence in science and education. Its strategic positioning allows for exploration in interdisciplinary fields such as Medicine, Engineering, Science, Social Sciences, and Administrative Sciences, covering both fundamental and applied research. The university is committed to attracting top-tier students and faculty members, securing its place among the top 3 universities in Turkey, as per the Times Higher Education rankings in 2021.

If your academic ambitions involve pursuing a Master of Science (MS), MBA, Masters, LLB, or Ph.D. in a distinguished Turkish university offering a diverse array of academic fields and majors, the Koc University Scholarship presents an outstanding opportunity. This year, over 70 new and enticing graduate programs await your exploration.

Academic Level:

The Koç University Scholarships for Master’s and Ph.D. Students for the academic year 2024.

Programs Offered in Various Schools at Koç University:

Graduate School of Business:

  • MBA
  • Tech MBA
  • Executive MBA
  • MSc Finance
  • CEMS Masters in Management (CEMS MIM)
  • Koç University Masters in Management (KU MIM)
  • Koç University Masters in Management Double Degree with the University of South Carolina (The Darla Moore School of Business)
  • Ph.D. Business Administration

Graduate School of Social Sciences and Humanities:

  • MA and Ph.D. Archaeology and History of Art
  • MA Comparative Studies in History and Society
  • MA, MD, and Ph.D. Design, Technology, and Society
  • MA and Ph.D. Economics
  • MA and Ph.D. International Relations and Political Science
  • LLM Private Law / LLM Public Law and Ph.D. Law
  • MA and Ph.D. Psychology
  • MA European Joint Master in Social and Cultural Psychology – Global MINDS
  • Ph.D. Sociology
  • Ph.D. History

Graduate School of Sciences and Engineering:

  • MSc and Ph.D. Biomedical Sciences and Engineering
  • MSc and Ph.D. Chemical and Biological Engineering
  • MSc and Ph.D. Computational Sciences and Engineering
  • MSc and Ph.D. Computer Science and Engineering
  • MSc and Ph.D. Electrical and Electronics Engineering
  • MSc and Ph.D. Industrial Engineering and Operations Management
  • MSc and Ph.D. Chemistry
  • MSc and Ph.D. Materials Science and Engineering
  • MSc and Ph.D. Mathematics
  • MSc and Ph.D. Mechanical Engineering
  • MSc and Ph.D. Molecular Biology and Genetics
  • MSc Optoelectronic and Photonic Engineering
  • MSc and Ph.D. Physics

Graduate School of Health Sciences:

  • MSc Medical Physiology
  • MSc Medical Microbiology
  • MSc Reproductive Biology
  • Ph.D. Reproductive Medicine
  • Ph.D. Neuroscience
  • Ph.D. Cellular and Molecular Medicine
  • MSc and Ph.D. Nursing (Turkish only)

Scholarship Benefits:

For Master’s Students:

  • Tuition waiver (96,500 TL/year)
  • Monthly stipend of 1,500 TL
  • Housing assistance (750 TL/month) or the option of free furnished housing (shared by 3-4 students) near the campus (availability for graduate housing depends on resource availability)
  • Private health insurance (with limited coverage)
  • Travel support (provided once a year, at a predetermined fixed amount) for attending scientific events

For PhD Students:

  • Tuition waiver (96,500 TL/year)
  • Monthly stipend of 3,000 TL (increased to 3,500 TL after passing the PhD qualifier)
  • Housing assistance (750 TL/month) or the option of free furnished housing (shared by 3-4 students) near the campus
  • Private health insurance (with limited coverage)
  • Meal Card
  • Complimentary HGS (Fast Transit Pass) car stickers for campus entrance
  • Travel support (provided once a year, at a predetermined fixed amount) for attending scientific events.


This scholarship warmly welcomes applications from both international and domestic students.

Eligibility Criteria:

Eligibility Criteria for the Koc University Scholarship 2024:

The eligibility criteria for the Koc University Scholarship 2024 are outlined as follows:

  1. Proficiency in English:
    • Proficiency in the English language is a mandatory requirement.
  2. International Eligibility:
    • Candidates from all countries worldwide are eligible to apply.
  3. Online Application:
    • All applicants must complete their application through the online application program.
  4. Submission of Application Materials:
    • Applicants must submit all required application materials, including necessary exam scores (such as GRE and TOEFL).
    • Omitting these scores may significantly reduce chances of admission and, consequently, scholarship opportunities.
  5. Selection Criteria:
    • Selection for scholarships is primarily based on the academic achievements and merits of the candidates, rather than financial need.
  6. Notification of Results:
    • Notification of scholarship results is conveyed to candidates along with the admission offer letter from the respective Graduate School.
    • This information is provided through the online application system and via email.
  7. Specific Terms and Benefits:
    • For detailed information regarding the specific terms and benefits of Master’s and Ph.D. scholarships provided by each Graduate School, applicants are encouraged to visit their respective websites.
  8. Additional Information:
    • For more details about program requirements, interested individuals can follow this link.

Application Procedure:

Interested candidates for the Koc University Scholarship 2024 are required to follow the instructions outlined below:

Required Documents:

  1. Statement of Purpose (SoP)
  2. Curriculum Vitae (CV)
  3. University transcripts (refer to the specific program’s website for minimum GPA requirements)
  4. University diploma(s)
  5. Results of an English language proficiency test (TOEFL IBT with a score of 80 IBT or higher; IELTS is not accepted in Turkey)
  6. GRE or GMAT test scores (refer to the specific program’s website for minimum score requirements)
  7. Contact information for referees (2 for Master’s and 3 for Ph.D. programs)
  8. Other necessary documentation as specified in the program requirements

Step-by-Step Application Process:

  1. Complete an online application form to apply for Koc University’s graduate programs as an international student.
  2. Thoroughly review the relevant Graduate School’s website for comprehensive guidance on admission prerequisites, eligibility, minimum scores, and application deadlines.
  3. Ensure that all required documents are included in your application, as applications lacking necessary documents will not be considered.
  4. Do not send documents to the university via email or postal mail.
  5. A separate scholarship application is not required. Apply only to your chosen program(s), and scholarship decisions are based on academic merit, not financial need.
  6. In your Statement of Purpose, you can mention if you are a recipient or have applied to a particular scholarship program based on the country.
  7. The application process is free, except for Master’s without Thesis programs in the Graduate School of Business.
  8. After submitting your application, you can later upload any missing test scores if they were not available initially.
  9. For technical issues with the application, contact the relevant Graduate School via email.

Note: The application process is detailed, and adherence to guidelines is crucial for a successful application.

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